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Frequently Asked Questions

What day and time can I have a house cleaning service? Our hours are from 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri ... Saturday & Sunday negotiable.

How many cleaners come to clean my home? It all depends on the job and the size of the house, most likely we always travel in pairs so two cleaners.

Do you require cancellation notice? If need to cancel an appointment all you would need to do is call us 24 hours in advance and we will reschedule you for another day, if we go to the location an is last minute cancellation there will be a $25 dollar charge.

Is same day clean ups include houses? No it does not include houses only apartments, we do need to set an appointment for houses.

What does general cleaning include? All that information is on the services page. But I will add that a general clean is an extension of the Deep clean and where clients are responsible to maintain and we come inn and do what is not usually don't by the client.

How long does it take for the crew to clean my house? It all depends on the size of the house and condition, But Estimating Time: From 2 - 6 hours. It all depends.

What does it mean when you charge per job or per room? Per job means the whole house, and per room is when a client has a large 9 or 10 room home and only needs 2 or 3 rooms cleaned.

How do I communicate with the housekeeper? You can always call or email them. With the numbers they provided in their business card.

How does the house keeper know what needs to be done? Every clients needs are different so we will do a walk through with the client so he/she can tell us exactly what it is they want done in their home.

If for whatever reason I’m unhappy with something that was done in my home what do I do? All you have to do is communicate your issues to the housekeeper and she/he will do her best to resolve the problem. If problem is not resolved you can always ask to change your housekeeper.

Will someone need to stay with the housekeeper after they arrive? This is entirely up to you. We recommend that once you have established a relationship with a regular housekeeper, that you decide together the best arrangement for your situation. You can make arrangements for the housekeeper to enter without your being present, or not. It is up to you.

What if I just need cleanings done only in occasional basis? You are able to just give us a call and make an appointment for us to go clean your home.

How do I pay the house keeper? You can either pay personal check or money order made out to the company. If you pay cash we will provide you with a receipt.

What about tipping? We leave that up to you. Tips are not required, but they are always appreciated!

Are you bonded and insured in case something gets broken or believe something is missing from my home? Yes we are an insured company but if you believe something is missing from your home, please discuss this with your family to confirm. Once you are convinced the item is missing, we encourage you to notify your local police department. Your valuables are protected against the unlikely possibility of theft. In regard to damage, if housekeeper is found responsible then the damage will be covered. As with other workers in your home, your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy may also provide you with coverage for theft or damage.

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